Early planning set down the 2016 Pauatahanui Garden Trail for 27 November and very quickly a generous group of garden owners volunteered their gardens.

It sounds easy to put your garden forward. However, there is a huge amount of work involved for the garden owner as everyone wants their garden to look extraordinary on the day.

This year, quite significant challenges were presented to those preparing their gardens as they had to contend with earthquakes, floods and only by good fortune was there no plague of locusts!

To make things worse, the day of the Trail was very much a Wellington day of spring with quite daunting winds that never seemed to let up. An umbrella was seen to rise majestically into the sky and fly over a garage at one garden.

Despite all that nature did by way of earthquakes, very heavy rain and wind, every garden looked tremendous and was, quite justifiably, a source of pride to the owners.

Some 500 people enjoyed the fifteen gardens on display and were well fortified with food and hot drinks along the way.

This is the second year the Inner Wheel and Rotary Clubs of Plimmerton have worked together to raise a significant amount of funding to go towards completing the Te Ara Piko Pathway. Also helping this event were a number of sponsors who gave invaluable support in many different ways.

Everyone’s support of the 2016 Garden Trail brought the completion of Te Ara Piko another big step closer.

So while the nature gods did their utmost, the garden owners of the 2016 Pauatahanui Garden Trail did better.

You can see lots more photos of the garden, taken by Carolyn Wallace, in our Gallery.

Gods of Nature Thwarted

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